Modification of the north-side rainwater outlet in Granada

Waterproofing of the left abutment of the compensating reservoir at Bermejales

Improvements in water supplies to Guarromán

Buffer tank for water supply between Granada and Pulianas

Building of a storm drain at Paseo del Salón

Re-urbanising of the La Cartuja university campus

Renovation of water mains, sewerage system and remodelling of Calle Ángel Ganivet

Laying out of gardens at Jardines del Triunfo in Granada

The Gardens of Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo

Urbanisation of the “La Azulejera” area in Granada under the Sector PP-E2 Local Development Plan

Multi-modal transport hub and platform reserved for public transport

Granada Metro, Section 4: From Méndez Núñez to Río Genil in Granada

Refurbishment of the A-324 road from Huelma to the A-401 in Jaén

Bridge over the River Cacín

“Twin” Residential Development

“Villas de Bienvenido” Residential Development

“Monjas del Carmen” Residential Development

“Lagos” Condominium Residential Block

Patio de los Leones Courtyard

Church of San Jerónimo in Baza

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