The Gardens of Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo

Promotor: Empresa Municipal de Viviendas y Suelo, S.A. (EMYVYSSA)

Construcciones Otero handled the work to restore this heritage site.

The work addressed two essential issues:

  • Bringing this area with its historical gardens and vegetable plots into the city’s system of public spaces.
  • Highlighting the Qubba monument as an exceptional feature.

The tasks carried out were the following:

  • Cleaning up of the area and demolition of non-catalogued buildings.
  • Underpinning of foundations and restoration of existing perimeter walls and opening of new gateways.
  • Erection of coloured reinforced concrete structures as containing walls in the ramp areas and a cistern to provide a level of water.
  • Construction of water supply, drainage & irrigation systems.
  • Installation of an electric power grid, lighting, remote control and ducting to accommodate future installations.
  • Building on site of coloured mass concrete flooring with a textured surface.
  • Laying of autoclave-treated Melis pine wood flooring.
  • Laying of cobble stones.
  • Laying of embedded soft, red clay type flooring with concrete ties, manufactured in moulds on site.
  • Laying out of gardens and street furniture.
  • Refurbishment of the gatehouse.
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