Renovation of water mains, sewerage system and remodelling of Calle Ángel Ganivet

Promotor: Granada City Council (EMASAGRA)

Calle Ángel Ganivet is a popular street that was in need of an upgrade of its lighting and overall appearance, plus a thorough renovation of its drainage and water supply systems.

To that end, Construcciones Otero took the following actions:

Renovation of water mains and sewers:

  • Renovation of supply mains, irrigation outlets and fire hydrants.
  • Installation of a pipe for collecting sewage and rainwater.
  • Digging of 12 manholes and 14 inlets.

Remodelling of paving and refurbishment of colonnades:

  • Building of a platform on a single level, thus eliminating mobility problems and enabling pedestrians to make better use of the space.
  • A single 3.40m lane for vehicle traffic, with grey granite paving in 40×40 slabs with a thickness of 10cm.
  • Granite guttering on both sides of the road, 40cm wide and 10cm thick.
  • Pavements outside the colonnade measuring 3.90m wide, with grey granite paving in slabs of various sizes, with a thickness of 10cm.
  • Pavements inside the colonnade measuring 4m wide, with grey granite paving in slabs of various sizes, with a thickness of 4cm.
  • Installation of 21 street lights in the central area, laid out with one every 22m, comprising classical columns on stone plinths with two lamps on each, with optical block and light flux reduction, using 60W metal halide lamps.
  • Installation of 67 steel planters painted in Oxidon black, with a built-in watering system, laid out every 5.5 m.
  • Planting of 42 holly trees, 25 strawberry trees and flowers.
  • Remodelling of colonnades: plastering of ceilings, elimination of wall-mounted elements and banner-type signs.
  • Installation of 58 lamp-posts & 34 wall lamps with brass housings and frosted glass, fitted with compact, low-energy, 32W fluorescent lamps & cabling for connecting street lighting for festive occasions.


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