Refurbishment of the A-324 road from Huelma to the A-401 in Jaén

Promotor: Board of Public Works of the Regional Government of Andalusia

The work was intended to enhance road safety & make cosmetic improvements within the town.

The project concerned a stretch of road from kilometre marker 23+100 on the A324, at the start of the built-up area of Huelma, to kilometre marker 27+500, at the intersection with the A401. It comprised a 3414m stretch along the A324 and 860m on the A401.

The work was divided into four subsections.
The refurbishment consisted of providing speed-change lanes on the intersection slip roads and a central waiting lane.

The work on the road through Huelma involved road safety and cosmetic improvements within the town. The road platform built comprises 6 m of traffic lanes, 1.5m paved hard shoulders and 2m pavements on each side.

The road refurbishment consisted of 7m of traffic lanes with 1 m paved hard shoulders and berms with a 0.5m platform. On the A-401 the current layout was maintained, with enlargement work as required to provide speed-change lanes on the slip roads of the intersection.

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