Re-urbanising of the La Cartuja university campus

Promotor: University of Granada

The part played by Construcciones Otero in the re-urbanising of the La Cartuja university campus had one main goal: to strengthen the idea of the campus as a single whole by giving its widely differing buildings a more consistent appearance.

The following secondary goals were also pursued:

  • Structuring the campus as a public amenity where the university ambience intermingles with the rest of society, by creating open spaces for everyday use by the public for recreation, walking and sports, thus fostering basic, unforced encounters liable to generate mutual interest.
  • Setting up an infrastructure of pedestrian paths and roadways across the campus which have layouts that facilitate access and are big enough to provide meeting places for students.
  • Not constraining the potential for further building on those properties affected by the delimitation of the project area which are not owned by the university itself.
  • Remaining always on the lookout for archaeological remains and other finds such as ancient irrigation ditches and/or tunnels.
  • Bringing together all the elements that make up the campus and turn them into a single whole with a consistent style.
  • Making the campus more accessible for persons of reduced mobility.

To that end, Construcciones Otero took the following actions:

  • Renovation of street lighting systems
  • Renovation of sewerage networks
  • Renovation of water mains
  • Renovation of the University’s UGR5 data networks Renovation of natural gas mains
  • Renovation of irrigation systems
  • Renovation of road surfaces and paving
  • Laying out of plants in planters
  • Installation of amenities and street furniture
  • Signposting and street marking
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