New tank for osmosed water at the El Atabal brackish water desalination plant

Promotor: Empresa Municipal de Aguas de Málaga, S.A. (EMASA)

The work took place inside the El Atabal wastewater treatment plant, and consisted of the building of a new osmosed water tank to replace an old one which had various problems.

The new tank is rectangular and comprises two independent treatment lines, each capable of remineralising a permeate flow of 1m3/s.

Each treatment line is made up of the following elements, described from upstream to downstream:

  • an osmosed water tank
  • a CO2 mixing chamber
  • a lime water mixing tank
  • a remineralised water tank

The total capacity of the two lines is therefore 572m3 for permeate storage, 350m3 for the CO2 mix, 340m3 for lime water mix and 710m3 for remineralised water storage.

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