El Cañuelo relief road on the A333 from Alcaudete to the A92 via Priego de Córdoba

Promotor: Board of Public Works of the Regional Government of Andalusia

The work done by Construcciones Otero consisted mainly of the following:

  • Building of a 7m roadway comprising two 3.5m lanes plus a 1.5m hard shoulder on each side. Three intersections had to be built on the stretch.
  • Construction of two reinforced concrete structures.
  • Crosswise drainage via eight brickwork culverts with reinforced concrete pipes.
  • Lengthwise drainage via lined gutters.
  • Soil stabilisation with lime on slopes and construction of esplanades.
  • Laying and compacting of hot-mix bituminous concrete & application of primer & adhesion layers.
  • Replacement of utility services affected: water supply, telephone lines, low voltage power lines, etc.
  • Installation of signage & warning lights.
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