Capping of the MSW landfill site at Puente Genil, Córdoba

Promotor: Regional Office of the Environment and Land Regulation

Work to prepare and then cap the municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill site known as “La Pitilla”, to the south-east of the municipality of Puente Genil in the province of Córdoba.

This disused landfill did not meet the standards set in Royal Decree 1481 on the disposal of non-hazardous waste.

It needed to be closed down in such a way as to avoid any risks to human health and to prevent environmental damage as follows:

  • To guarantee the stability of the site.
  • To prevent the landfill from leaching contaminants into water courses after its closure.
  • To prevent it becoming a source of unpleasant smells and a potential focal point for infection.
  • To offset its visual impact and integrate the landfill into the surrounding area. The work included first collecting scattered refuse, cleaning the water course, dismantling a low-voltage power line and moving a high-voltage post, then PREPARING THE WASTE AND PHYSICALLY STABILISING THE LANDFILL.

The tasks carried out by Otero were the following:

  • Covering the landfill area
  • Controlling surface water
  • Protecting slopes
  • Restoration of plant cover
  • Ancillary work: cafeteria, wooden perimeter fencing & open-tube piezometers
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