Building of a storm drain at Paseo del Salón

Promotor: Empresa Municipal de Aguas de Granada, S.A. (EMASAGRA)

This storm drain is intended to reduce the likelihood of flooding and improve the working of the local sewerage system at peak rainfall times at Paseo del Salón.

Accordingly, a new storm drain was installed to collect rainwater and four spillways were built. At the same time improvements were made to the existing guttering by connecting it to the new storm drain via PVC piping and fitting high-capacity letterbox type inlets with polymer concrete gratings.

The work comprised the following:

  • Installation of a corrugated PE storm drain running from Plaza del Humilladero to the corner of Cuesta el Pescado, which discharges into a 1500mm concrete storm drain which in turn discharges into the River Darro.
  • Fitting of four new spillways with manholes, of different shapes. The spillways are made of reinforced concrete. They comprise an entry chamber protected with granite slabs where the flows from the tributary drain pipe and the 1000mm PE pipe come together. The flows from the tributary pipes run into the chamber via spillways or openings in the pipes themselves. The manhole has a grating for catching large objects, a sand filter and a non-slip grating type walkway for easy cleaning with osmosed water, replacing the previous walkway, which was damaged.
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