Bridge over the River Cacín

Promotor: Gestión de Infraestructuras de Andalucía (GIASA)

The main tasks performed by Construcciones Otero were:

  • Building of a structure with a total length of 72.5m between the centres of the abutments, with four spans.
  • Deep foundations comprising 1 m diameter concrete piles made on site with recoverable sleeves, sunk through the alluvial level to a depth of around 8m. Pile caps joined via 1.2 x 1.2m square cross-section beams.
  • Abutments comprising walls supported directly on the natural ground, with foundation trenches in 1m thick Cyclopean concrete.
  • Piles comprising two circular shafts measuring 0.80m in diameter topped by a lintel 1 m deep and 1.50m wide.
  • 7m wide decking built straight in plan and elevation, providing 2 x 3m lanes (w/o hard shoulder) and 2 x 0.50m strips to house safety barriers. It is made up of three pre-stressed isostatic double-T beams 1.20m deep, plus a top compression slab made of reinforced concrete with a minimum depth of 0.25m. The beams rest on banded neoprene bearing pads.
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