Our integrated policy

for quality, the environment and occupational health & safety

Principles on which OTERO bases its operations for proper management of quality, the environment and occupational health & safety:

  • Understanding the needs of customers and meeting their demands and expectations
  • Meeting the deadlines and financial requirements agreed/li>
  • Meeting the technical specifications required
  • Complying with applicable legislation
  • Offering dialogue and flexibility to help tackle changes during the implementation of projects
  • Offering the most appropriate solution in each case
  • Minimising errors and increasing reaction capability to deal with them
  • Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and subcontractors
  • Establishing corporate culture of environmental friendliness
  • Factoring environmental considerations into the implementation of projects
  • Minimising the impact of the actual work carried out by taking preventive, corrective and restorative measures
  • Making rational use of construction materials, energy and natural resources
  • Preventing pollution through the proper use and maintenance of on-site machinery
  • Minimising and properly managing waste, with the emphasis on reuse, recycling and valorisation
  • Not using materials that are potentially hazardous to health and to the environment
  • Ensuring compliance with the applicable environmental legislation
  • Fostering a culture of occupational risk prevention within the company
  • Setting up processes that are safe for everyone involved
  • Eliminating risks to employees or at least reducing them to acceptable levels
  • Ensuring compliance with the applicable labour legislation
  • Reducing errors liable to lead to accidents and applying corrective measures when necessary to prevent any recurrence
  • Acting quickly and appropriately in case of accidents


Because assuring the quality of the projects that we carry out is the only way to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and the end users.
Quality management is our biggest competitive edge, so we expect unequivocal commitment to quality on the part of our staff and collaborators as an identifying trait of the company.

Because we want to contribute to sustainable development by encouraging responsible, environmentally friendly practices. And because proper environmental management is essential in making our company as competitive as possible. The top management therefore strive to engage the whole workforce and our external collaborators in an undertaking to ensure the right level of environmental management in all our operations.

Because we believe that health and safety comprise an essential value, and that risk prevention is a major factor in becoming more competitive. The top management therefore strive to engage the whole workforce and our external collaborators in an undertaking to ensure that occupational risk prevention is applied in all our operations.

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