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Construcciones Otero

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Our firm was not founded just to do construction work. At Construcciones Otero we see construction as experimenting with space and creations. Since our founding in 1956 we have analysed every space, its use, its needs and its impact, seeking to see beyond the present. Construcciones Otero is an infrastructure specialist which blends the responsibility, quality and hard work passed down from its origins as a family firm with the ability to be competitive, innovative and committed to sustainability. At first the main line of business was the complete water cycle, but in 2004 Otero also moved into building construction with the creation of a new department specialising in sustainable architecture and energy efficiency.

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El administrador único de la mercantil Construcciones Otero S.L. convoca a los señores socios a la Junta General Ordinaria a celebrar en su domicilio social, en Calle Acequia del Corón, nº 2 en
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Diseño y desarrollo en nave industrial para taller y oficinas para marca comercializadora y reparación de vehículos industriales.

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