Patio de los Leones Courtyard

Developer: Governing Board of the Alhambra and Generalife

It was necessary to eliminate the aggregate laid down around the fountain because it prevented movement around the courtyard. The goal was to provide a firm, clean, accessible, innocuous flooring that would ensure optimal safety conditions around the Fuente de los Leones Fountain while guaranteeing its conservation and showcasing its features.

The solution proposed was to pave the whole Patio de los Leones courtyard in a way that enable visitors to see them just as documentary sources suggest they were designed to look.

The work comprised the laying of top-quality Macael marble slabs. The marble used has a white background very similar to that found elsewhere in the Alhambra. It has even, small-crystal grain sizes and multi-directional veining to give a warm appearance.

256 slabs were laid, with weights and sizes perfectly adjusted to the special requirements of the location and to the need to drain off rainwater, anchored to the fountain and the channels that mark the cardinal points.

The work called for innovation and creativity, the finest materials and cutting-edge technology for cutting and carving the stones.

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