Mission, vision & values

Our mission

Construction, management and upkeep of infrastructures, seeking to contribute actively to social welfare, sustainable development and the creation of value for our customers.

Our goal is always to achieve excellence in every job that we do, through the commitment of highly demanding specialists.

Our vision

To be acknowledged as leaders in the development of public and private infrastructures.

At Construcciones Otero we work day by day to be a benchmark for quality, service and efficiency, determined to exceed the expectations of our customers. We promote a culture of continuous improvement through innovation in our processes and services and seek encourage the personal and professional development of everyone at our organisation.


Our values

  • Proximity: Proximity means being close to our customers, offering them confidence, sharing their needs and taking on their problems as our own. We proactively strive to provide solutions and foster synergies and cooperation as needed to attain the goal pursued.
  • Soundness: Ours is a reliable, financially sound firm. Our broad experience gives us strength and stability, and this in turn enables us to inspire confidence among customers, suppliers and all those who form part of OTERO. That is why we work hard and with commitment to ensure that our firm is a “safe bet”.
  • Authenticity: We are just what we say we are. What we mean by this is that we are genuine: you can trust our commitment because it is backed up by the assurances provided by our work and experience, our workforce, our know-how and our desire always to give of our best.
  • Excellence: We believe in our ability to keep improving. From the outset we have made all necessary efforts to provide a wide variety of services with the best quality. We are aware that there are always new ways to improve and intend to keep moving forward. That is why we foster a culture of continuous improvement at our organisation, reviewing our procedures and capabilities so as to optimise and develop all possible mechanisms to help us become more efficient.

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