At Otero we believe that the concept of sustainable development is vital for creating a business with a future. Our operations must not compromise our ability to meet the needs of the society of tomorrow or to ensure the welfare of our employees.

We always seek to involve our employees and associates in our commitment to manage our operations efficiently and reliably in terms of financial, social and environmental aspects.

We apply work/life balance measures throughout the firm. Our employees work on a project basis, which makes for greater flexibility in working hours and gives them time to attend to personal and family matters. We base our actions on responsibility.

We work with the firm conviction that there is value in continual training to help our employees to keep growing.

Our recruitment policy is based on professionalism and ability, and great importance is given to helping women break into a traditionally male-dominated sector. There are numerous women in positions of responsibility at our firm.

Construcciones Otero also behaves responsibly towards society, as evidenced by initiatives and cooperation agreements with a wide range of organisations such as the following:

  • Proyecto Hombre. An association for the prevention and treatment of drug and other addictions.
  • ASPACE: A not-for-profit body that works in caring for persons with cerebral palsy.
  • Asociación Síndrome de Down de Granada. An association that helps persons with Down syndrome to integrate into everyday life.

We have also drawn up a code of conduct to foster ethical management at or firm, based on the following principles:

  • Carrying out our operations with the utmost respect and protection for human rights at all times.
  • Caring for the environment by applying sustainability and damage prevention criteria in all our operations.
  • Involving the whole workforce in responsible behaviour.
  • Encouraging actions that will be beneficial for society as a whole and especially for the most underprivileged sectors.
  • Working to combat corruption in all forms.
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyle habits.

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